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SIDES Infographic CardDescription of SIDES.3/7/2016 3:25 PMSIDES Infographic Card8/17/2015
SIDES and SIDES E-Response Fact SheetGeneral information about SIDES3/8/2016 10:57 AMSIDES and SIDES E-Response Fact Sheet8/17/2015
SIDES Fact SheetInformation for large and/or multi state employers wanting to customize their system to interface with SIDES. 3/8/2016 10:59 AMSIDES Fact Sheet8/17/2015
SIDES E-Response Fact SheetInformation for employers/TPAs, with limited number of UI information exchanges that want to access SIDES and enter their information through a secure web site.3/8/2016 11:01 AMSIDES E-Response Fact Sheet8/17/2015
SIDES and SIDES E-Response Comparison TableComparison of the differences between SIDES and SIDES E-Response3/8/2016 11:01 AMSIDES and SIDES E-Response Comparison Table8/17/2015
SIDES and SIDES E-Response FAQsFrequently Asked Questions3/9/2016 10:46 AMSIDES and SIDES E-Response FAQs8/17/2015
SIDES Marketing Toolkit and Employer Presentation - For StatesRequires members only access3/7/2016 2:11 PMSIDES Marketing Toolkit and Employer Presentation - For States
Benefits and Ease of Use of SIDESTestimonial On Benefits and Ease of Use of SIDES3/8/2016 11:05 AMBenefits and Ease of Use of SIDES4/25/2013
SIDES Presentation for BAM, BTQ, and BPCFebruary 25th and 26th 2013 Webinar - PowerPoint Presentation3/8/2016 11:06 AMSIDES Presentation for BAM, BTQ, and BPC2/26/2013


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