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SIDES E-Response Help

NOTICE : SIDES E-Response is managed by the state from whom the request is received. If you want to sign up for SIDES E-Response, are having issues logging in to E-Response, or have questions about how E-Response works in your state, please click below:

Click here for

E-Response Assistance




UI SIDES Orientation Online

Curriculum Overview

UI SIDES Orientation provides an overview of the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES). This online training includes:

  • Introduces participants to the processes and the data exchange formats used for electronic communication between states and employers/Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) when responding to unemployment insurance (UI) claims
  • Provides business rules and suggested requirements for implementation
  • Reviews the technical requirements for system integration
  • Details the go-live process

Target Audience

Business and technical staff representing states, employers, TPA’s, and software providers working on SIDES integration projects.

To learn more about SIDES, visit

Modules and Lessons

Module 1: Introduction to SIDES

  • SIDES Overview
  • Data Exchange Formats
  • SIDES Processes

Module 4: SIDES Testing

  • Internal Testing
  • End-to-End Testing

Module 2: SIDES Business Track

  • Lessons Learned
  • Key Business Items
  • Go Live Checklist
  • Testing Overview

Module 5: SIDES Implementation

  • Implementation Activities
  • Production Readiness Review

Module 3: SIDES Technical Track

  • Model Connector Overview
  • Model Connector - Post
  • Model Connector - Pull
  • Model Connector Installation
  • Connector Requirements
  • Model Connector Lessons Learned

Module 6: SIDES Operations

  • Operations Activities
  • Marketing and Employer Outreach

For more information or access to this online orientation, contact

NASWA UI Information Technology Support Center
In Partnership with USDOL
444 North Capitol Street, NW | Suite 300 Washington, DC 20001