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New Version of OccuCoder, ITSC’s Job Matching Tool

The ITSC provides technology services and support to state Unemployment Insurance agencies across the country. A new version of the ITSC’s job matching tool, OccuCoder v 2.5, is now available to all state workforce agencies. OccuCoder is a software tool developed by the ITSC through U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) funding to code both unemployed job seekers and job openings with a standard occupational code. OccuCoder uses the O*NET job coding database of occupational information to attach a job code to unemployed job seekers to enable them to be quickly matched to current job openings that are also coded with the appropriate O*NET Code. The O*NET database contains information on hundreds of standardized and occupation specific job descriptions developed by the O*NET Center. For more information on OccuCoder or to demo the tool, click HERE.

What’s New in v 2.5?

  • Uses most recent O*NET Database 21.0
  • Improved Spanish language performance for certain queries with long job descriptions, and better performance with misspelled Spanish words.


  • File type for query responses is now configurable by state (MIME type of query response can be changed via a text file).
  • WSDL files, which describe the OccuCoder interface and are useful for automatic state code generation, are now supplied for all types of queries (previously just Standard Occupation Query). Additionally, the WSDL files are now compatible with the most common java and .NET code generators.
  • A style sheet is installed that produces easily readable query results in standard browsers. This is useful for testing without needing to run other programs.
  • Can be run with Java v1.8, (and is still compatible with Java v1.7).
  • All optional parameters are now properly defaulted and can be omitted if desired.

How to Download?

The software is free to all state agencies. To receive the software, please contact Steve Hanle, the ITSC Web Administrator, at with a request to access to the OccuCoder section of the ITSC website and instructions on how to download the OccuCoder software.

Need Support?

For maintenance and support to install or troubleshoot Occucoder, there is an optional annual cost. For details on how to obtain maintenance and support for Occucoder from ITSC, please contact John Quichocho, ITSC Product Manager, at (202) 650-5165 or

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