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 ITSC Infographic: "Who are we?" and "What we do."

The ITSC began in 1994 to advance the appropriate application of information technology solutions to provide more accurate, efficient, cost-effective, and timely service for state UI Agencies. It operates as a national technical information and knowledge repository, applying best practice solutions, approaches, and technologies, to limit risks, and increase IT compatibility among states.

The ITSC has been assisting state UI Agencies for over 15 years with successful projects concentrating on IT needs that enhance the delivery of UI services. The ITSC was created and chartered to leverage UI IT knowledge and efforts for the benefit of all state UI Agencies. The ITSC occupies a unique position in the UI arena, with knowledge of both the UI domain and the IT technology. ITSC has developed a uniquely strong working knowledge of UI functions, UI laws, UI operational issues, and state UI automation architectures throughout the nation. This has been accomplished through their work with USDOL and individual state UI Agencies.

ITSC has supported, and continues to support numerous state Modernization efforts. During development of modernized UI systems, ITSC provides support ranging from Strategic Planning initiatives, RFI and RFP development, Proposal Evaluations, Use Case/Requirements development, fit-gap assessments, contract negotiations, hands-on QA/IV&V and program management. ITSC offers detailed UI business domain expertise, along with the ability to apply Information Technology to solve UI business problems.

The ITSC receives direction and priorities through the ITSC Steering Committee. The STCO functions as a Board of Governors in guiding the ITSC work and initiatives. The STCO is composed of two State Administrators, three State UI Directors, three State Information Technology Directors, a host state (Maryland) representative, an at large state member and two USDOL representatives.

ITSC has built a unique online repository/ Electronic Library of UI IT System Modernization artifacts, documents, models, and code, that aids in the sharing and reuse of data and information as related to UI IT System Modernization. ITSC is the sole organization that tracks and monitors the status UI IT Modernization Projects across the nation, including their costs (development vendor, IV&V vendor, infrastructure, and staff augmentation), schedule/timelines, major functionality, staffing resources, and a substantial amount of other detailed information and data. All of this information is available in the Electronic Library. As participants on the behalf of UI Agencies in various UI IT Modernization procurements for states, ITSC has unique access to the very latest in the capabilities and limitations of the approaches, frameworks, and products promulgated by the vendors who participate in the UI System development arena.

ITSC develops software products for multi-state use, such as: the SUTA dumping application; real-time job coding classification application; and the States Information Data Exchanges System (SIDES). SIDES is a web service-based transfer system between state UI agencies and Employers/Third Party Agents (TPAs) for the exchange of UI data.

IT​SC ​​​Mis​sion

ITSC provides information, software tools, products and advisory services to states in support of information technology (IT) systems for the Unemployment Insurance program, to enhance efficiencies and promote the sharing and replication of successful UI models and practices.

ITSC​​​ Visio​​​​n

ITSC is a trusted key resource for the effective use of information technology and related technical assistance to support states' UI programs.