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UI Learning Center Launches a UI IT Security Course on "Access Control"

The ITSC is launching a UI IT Security Training “track” with its first course, now available, on “Access Control” for Unemployment Insurance IT Systems. This course addresses the IT Security topic of Access Control in a UI system. Access Control, involves who can get on the system or gain access to data or activate functions or use services in an information technology world. This begins with determining exactly who the individual is who wants to use the system. This is typically the most problematic step, particularly in the case where people want to use the internet from the convenience of their home or their favorite hot-spot.

As part of registration some sort of password or other form of identification is set up to simplify future accesses. During registration you can also establish what you will be allowed to do whenever you return to the system. This course will provide an overview of the access control process at work in the area of Unemployment Insurance. Topics include the basic concepts of access control (Identification, Authentication, and Authorization) to some state examples of securing access to their UI systems and preventing unauthorized users.

The next course for the UI IT Security Training “track” will be on “Understanding and Dealing with Identity Theft in UI.”

For any comments or feedback with this course, please contact John Quichocho at  

How to access this course?

For New Members to ITSC: If you do not have credentials to access ITSC’s website, please contact and request access to become an ITSC member.

For Current Members to ITSC: You will need to request access to the UI Learning Center via an online registration at Once you are given access to the center, the Access Control course as well as other courses will be viewable under the “Learning Catalog.”

What is the UI Learning Center? 

The Unemployment Insurance Learning Center is managed by ITSC and provides Unemployment Insurance training for all federal and state employees within the UI Program. You may access online training and training materials. Moving forward, you will be to register for classroom training and webinars. This training center is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration’s Office of Unemployment Insurance. The learning center provides both program and technical training on a wide range of UI and IT topics.

The UI Learning Center is comprised of training modules that are designed to supplement existing state training. These modules provide a general understanding of UI topics for employees at all levels. The UI Learning Center seeks to provide UI federal and state employees training on UI and IT processes and share available UI resources

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