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OccuCoder is UI ITSC's job code matching application developed to assign occupational codes to job orders, resumes, and UI Claims. OccuCoder relates informally described job titles and descriptions to standard occupations as published by the O*NET Center.

O*NET is designed to be the nation's most comprehensive resource of occupational information, with a database system that includes descriptors about each occupation. OccuCoder uses the latest O*NET database to best determine the correct occupational code when classifying job seekers or job orders. Using OccuCoder helps states match job seekers and job orders to an occupation in the O*NET-SOC system, suggest alternative occupations for a job seeker’s skill set, enhance research capabilities, and other uses.

UI ITSC, in partnership with USDOL, developed OccuCoder and provides it to all state workforce UI agencies. UI ITSC provides maintains and enhances OccuCoder through annual subscription support agreements with state agencies.

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Features of OccuCoder

    • Uses O*NET Database
    • Accepts query with job title and optional description, returns O*NET-SOC standard occupations matching the query
    • Accepts partial O*NET-SOC Occupation Code, returns all matching occupations.
    • Guaranteed to return a match with highest score when the submitted title exactly matches an official O*NET-SOC title
    • Logs queries on a per-query or global basis
    • Database version configurable via a text file
    • Default values for optional query parameters configurable via a text file.
    • Simple query and response message formats
    • Backwards compatible with O*NET-SOC AutoCoder V1.x and V2.x, with the use of an available helper application
    • Green jobs identification
    • Bright outlook jobs identification
    • Support for Spanish language

Member Benefits:

Members can access OccuCoder product information, review documentation, download source code, and request support.

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In Partnership with USDOL
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