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IT Security Resources

The ITSC makes quarterly updates to the security resources section on the ITSC website. This section is a place to share information about security-related resources for news, alerts, papers, tools, events, and training. Below are some topics covered in this section.  To access resources login to the Members-Only Section.

    • A "Compliant IT Program" – What do the auditors look for and what do they expect to find.
    • Security Training – What is it? Why have it? Where to get it! 
    • A Cornucopia of Security Resources – Magazines & Journals, Newsletters, Websites, and Webinars/CBT. 
    • Conferences & Other Events – Opportunities for face-to-face meetings with fellow UI and Security Professionals.

In addition, the resources above, the ITSC has updated this section with other security topics of interest that are some of the leading security issues in the UI community.

    • Developing Mobile Web Applications – Coding for Security
    • UI Claims and Foreign IP Address Detection
    • Internet Protocol Conversion from IPv4 to IPv6