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Learn More About Each SIDES Exchange

We offer six different exchanges. Use the dropdown menu below to learn more about each exchange.


About the Separation Information Exchange

The SI exchange notifies an employer/TPA of the filing of an unemployment claim and guides the employer/TPA through a response to the separation information request.



Purpose of the Separation Information Exchange

The SIDES Separation Information or SI exchange is used by states and employers to process over 36% of UI claims nationwide. The separation information request is triggered by the state when a former employee files an initial claim or reopens a claim. Since the request is sent electronically, employers don’t need to wait for the request to arrive by mail. This allows for more time to complete a detailed and timely response.

Using SIDES, each state requests the same information in the same format. The standard format establishes consistency between all states and provides a step-by-step process for employers to furnish a quality response. States can be assured that required information will be provided. The SIDES Separation Information exchange covers topics including the details surrounding the separation and monies paid after the separation occurred. The details of the response are utilized by states to directly combat improper payments.



Benefits of the Separation Information Exchange

  • Prevent and reduce improper payments
  • Gain expedited response times through automated pulling of requests every 24 hours
  • Ensure full data completion of responses
  • Eliminate reliance on mail or fax
  • Reduce mailing costs and staff time
  • Involve employers earlier in the process
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