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  • SHARE UI information technology information with the UI community.
  • LEARN and train on a wide range of UI program and technical topics through online and in-person courses.
  • RECEIVE updates on such topics as RFP opportunities, upcoming events, and new product information.
  • PARTICIPATE in collaborative projects online and view project portals for multi-state projects
  • DOWNLOAD source code, documentation and maintenance support agreements for products such as SDDS and OccuCoder.

ITSC Products and Services

The ITSC provides states with products and services that multi-state consortium and individual states can leverage cost-effectively. ITSC develops, distributes, and supports these products such as UI components or modules, model projects or prototypes, and other various tools. The products below are available to all states.

If you have any questions on any of these products, please contact ITSC’s Product Manager John Quichocho at

ITSC Products Overview
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A unique resource for the UI community to access ​information on UI IT tools & solutions.
An automated system designed to help states detect employers who may be engaged in SUTA dumping.
A software application developed to automatically assign occupational codes to jobs, resumes and UI claims.​
A software suite that helps states implement WIOA by connecting partners and providing a seamless experience for job seekers.
Toolkit designed to provide a single source reference to states on communicating with customers.
A place to share information about security-related resources specific to the UI program.
A help tool built as a central​ repository for UI staff to access information easily and receive document updates quickly and efficiently.
A collaborate environment for state project teams to interact with each other and share information during an IT project lifecycle.​
Quick reference guides for states on several topics such as security and UI IT modernization preparation.​